Everything Else in life

Hello Neighbours!

Let's see. Since I started the 30-day challenge, I have stepped outside my comfort zone and followed blogs about writing, photography and cooking. Blogging is writing, putting words together and engaging conversations with other bloggers. Photography attracts human eyes and break up the boredom of the black and white of the words, and give eyes… Continue reading Hello Neighbours!

Everything Else in life

Yin and Yang of the Water

Somehow, this picture makes me feel so small, inadequate and apprehensive. Maybe it is the tiny sandpiper bird at the front... Or maybe it is the vast ocean... Ocean always intimidates me and every time I step into the water, I can't shake off the anxiety that I may be drowned at any moment. I… Continue reading Yin and Yang of the Water

DIY Aromatherapy recipes

Who am I and Why I am here

This is my first assignment from blogging 101. I am a NAHA certified Aromatherapist and I am proud of this title. For the past few years, I have immersed myself in those aromatic oils and have dedicated myself and thousands of hours to learn about these powerful oils and the wonders they do for the… Continue reading Who am I and Why I am here