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Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis ) for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Sweet Orange belongs to Rutaceae botanical family and is cold pressed from fresh fruit rind. So it is very important that the essential oils are produced from the unsprayed fruit. Sweet Orange oil is not phototoxic as oil from Bitter Orange and is high in Monoterpenes which are highly volatile. Shelf life of this oil… Continue reading Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis ) for Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Frankincense: Universal Magical Resin

Sabbats and Sabbaths

frankincenseThe LORD said to Moses: Take sweet spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum, sweet spices with pure frankincense (an equal part of each), and make an incense blended as by the perfumer, seasoned with salt, pure and holy; and you shall beat some of it into powder, and put part of it before the covenant in the tent of meeting where I shall meet with you; it shall be for you most holy. [Ex 30:34-36, NRSV]

On entering the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother; and they knelt down and paid him homage. Then, opening their treasure chests, they offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. [Mt 2:11, NRSV]

Many years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to tour Egypt.  One of the stops in the Valley of the Kings was a perfume factory that manufactures essential oils.  I smelled a number of scents that day…

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Natural Healing Emollient

In my previous post, I wrote about 4 powerful Chamomile essential oils. You can read it here. In this post, I combined those 4 oils with amazing Helicrysum Italicum to create a powerful, healing emollient for nose bleed, itchy nose from dry air, allergies or colds, minor skin irritations, rashes, insect bites, scar tissues, diaper rashes,… Continue reading Natural Healing Emollient

DIY Aromatherapy recipes

Sinus Congestion – Which Essential Oils to Use for Relief

I had a cold last week and the nasal congestion was so severe that I had to breathe through my mouth. I made a stock blend of the following essential oils for steam inhalation and for use with Aromatherapy inhalers. This blend can be used for nasal congestion caused by common cold, flu or allergies.… Continue reading Sinus Congestion – Which Essential Oils to Use for Relief

DIY Aromatherapy recipes

How many Chamomile essential oils are there?

When I started out in Aromatherapy, I was very confused by all the essential oils with Chamomile in their names. So, how many are there? There are 4! And they all belong to Asteraceae botanical family. Chamomile, German ( Matricaria recutita): also called blue Chamomile. The content of azulene gives it its characteristic blue color.… Continue reading How many Chamomile essential oils are there?

DIY Aromatherapy recipes

What Dreams Mean | Goop

What Dreams Mean | Goop.

DIY Aromatherapy recipes


An amazing blog about dreams. It reminds me of an article written by Dr. Carder Stout, a licensed psychotherapist and dream analyst. The article appeared on Goop, founded by one and only Gwyneth Paltrow. It is interesting to see how modern science and ancient practices converge at one point. I will press the article or… Continue reading Dreams.


Aromatherapy Jasmine Absolute.

Another excellent post!


Eucalyptus {Eucalyptus globulus}

Extensive information about Eucalyptus. The applications the author mentioned in the post are excellent! In Aromatherapy, the are 5 different types (chemotypes) of Eucalyptus essential oils. Eucalyptus globulus - high in oxide 1,8 cineole with sharp, camphoraceous aroma. Great for respiratory issues and muscular pain. Eucalyptus radiata - a softer version of globulus. Suitable for… Continue reading Eucalyptus {Eucalyptus globulus}

DIY Aromatherapy recipes

How to make all natural deodorant

Nowadays, it seems that the all natural deodorant is all the rage. And it makes sense. After years of using store-bought deodorants which contain aluminum, my husband developed a severe rash. I created this deodorant to combat the pit stench All natural deodorant is easy to make at home as long as all the supplies… Continue reading How to make all natural deodorant