Natural Eczema Skin Care: using herbs, hydrosols and essential oils

A personal struggle with eczema and rosacea a few years ago shifted my focus to skin care. While doing research, I realized that so many people suffer from various skin issues and going to see dermatologists only results in temporary relief and even worse, some people suffer from steroid withdrawal syndrome. Skin issues can have some serious psychological and mental damages. And the frustration that nothing helps in the long run. And let’s not forget about the flare-ups!

Healing and curing my own eczema and rosacea while helping clients with the same issues convinced me that herbs, hydrosols and essential oils together with the drug store products without the steroid are the way to manage and even cure the skin problems.

To help people with eczema, I published a book on Amazon: Natural Eczema Skin Care.

Do you have eczema or rosacea? How did you heal your skin? I’d love to hear from you! Leave your comment below.


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