Cold Sore Salve


+ The salve reduced the throbbing pain due to the peppermint.

+ Lemongrass is a clinically proven antiviral and antibacterial.

+ Patchouli is skin nourishing and is helpful in various skin issues.

+ Geranium is the harmonizer in this effective blend.

+ Beeswax, Avocado oil and Shea butter are used to make this salve.

The consistency is between Vaseline and lip balm.

Very easy to apply with your clean finger.

Apply to the affected 3-4 time a day and

avoid the surrounding skin.

The aroma is fresh and citrusy.

The salve can also be used in a cinch as bug bite and sore muscle rub

due to the complex chemical constituents in the essential oils used.

You will receive an ingredients and instruction card together with your order

Always do a skin test.

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Here is what the customers said:

Moira on Oct 3, 2016

5 out of 5 stars

“I got this because I get very bad cold sores sometimes, and when they dry up, they make my skin itch like crazy. This balm smells absolutely lovely, and is a soothing salve on my the itchy scabs that my cold sores make. Since I got this after my cold sore had started, I cannot say if it would help prevent them, but it has definitely helped to reduce them a bit quicker than normal.”