Volunteers for French Aromatherapy Case Studies


Here is a rare opportunity for you to experience firsthand how Aromatherapy can help you physically and emotionally.

I am a clinical Aromatherapist and am currently completing French Aromatherapy Certification program (how to use essential oils internally). I need a few case studies for my certification. You don’t purchase anything from me, including essential oils. And I don’t charge consultation fees! And here is what we do:

Below is a link to an Intake Form. After I receive your filled Intake Form, I will review it and schedule a meeting with you. The meeting is about 45 minutes long and we will go over your information and I will present to you the essential oils which I believe are beneficial for you. Once we decide on the oils to use, I will create formulations with external or internal routes of application or both. When the formulations are ready, I will inform you to pick  them up with instructions of how to use them. And I don’t charge for this either.

I will then follow up with you in a week or two and ask you how  the formulations are working and such and such. And if I need to make adjustments to my formula, I will do so.

Revised Intake Form

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask by filling out the form below.