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Essential Oils for Eczema? Yes or No? BOTH!


  • If the essential oils are not 100% authentic.
  • If not diluted properly
  • If the oils have oxidized
  • If wrong oils are used.


  • If the essential oils are 100% authentic.
  • If diluted properly.
  • If right oils are used.

My personal and clinical experiences have shown that done correctly, essential oils are very effective in managing inflammation, itching, infection, restoring damaged skin barrier, which is the main cause of eczema skin condition, and providing skin healing properties.

Let’s dive into “why”. Take Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) essential oil for example. Patchouli belongs to Lamiaceae family and consists of Sesquiterpenes and Sesquiterpenols as its main chemical families. Sesquiterpenes are anti-inflammatory and cicatrisant (cell-regenerating, scar healing) while Sesquiterpenols are also anti-inflammatory and cooling.

People with eczema tend to have an over-reactive immune system that when triggered by a substance outside or inside the body, responds by producing inflammation. It is this inflammation that causes the red, itchy and painful skin symptoms common to most types of eczema.


Properly diluted with skin nourishing carrier oil, such as Borage seed oil, Patchouli essential oil will calm and cool the inflammation, and reduce the itching.

Research also shows that some people with eczema have a mutation of the gene responsible for creating filaggrin. Filaggrin is a protein that helps our bodies maintain a healthy protective barrier on the very top layer of the skin. Without enough filaggrin to build a strong skin barrier, moisture can escape and bacteria, viruses and more can enter. This is why many people with eczema have very dry and infection-prone skin.


Patchouli essential oil’s skin healing and regenerating properties due to its sesquiterpenols will help repair the skin barrier, and make it strong again.

Have you used essential oils for your skin care? What are your experiences?

You can find more about using essential oils for Eczema in my book Natural Eczema Skin Care on Amazon.

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