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How to Use Essential Oils on Acupuncture Buddha Triangle for Anxiety, Depression & Repressed Emotions

What does Acupuncture have to do with essential oils? Let me explain.

Acupuncture points are points along meridians, where acupuncturists insert pain free needles to  treat various health conditions.

Essential oils, due to their volatile molecules are quickly absorbed through skin and enter blood stream. When they are applied to the acupoints, they travel through the channels ( meridians) and affect the associated organs.

Clara, TCM Geek extraordinaire as she called herself from Acupro Academy  has this super user friendly graphic demonstrating the three acupoints, so called Buddha’s Triangle for anxiety, repressed emotions and depression.

acupro buddha's triangle

These 3 amazing acupuncture points needled together form a triangle of peaceful bliss. Lu 9, Ht 7 & Pc 6 commonly known as Buddha’s Triangle are a perfect combo to calm the mind for insomnia, anxiety, depression, sadness, and repressed emotions.

In Acupuncture, Ht 7 is  heart, Pc6 is Pericardium connected to the chest, diaphragm and upper abdomen and Lu9 is lung. According to 5 Elements theory, Lung is associated with emotion Grief and Sadness. Now you can see why the Buddha’s Triangle are for emotional disturbances.

If you don’t like needles, use essential oils.

Which Essential Oils to Use?

  • Geranium Pelargonium x asperum: high in Monoterpene alcohols, it has anxiety relieving actions. Energetically, it supports one’s ability to receive and to give and increases capacity for intimate communications.
  • Sweet Marjoram Origanum majorana: Calming and comforting, this oil is perfect for relieving stress, tension, anxiety and insomnia. Energetically, it calms obsessive thinking.
  • Sandalwood Santalum album: high in sesquiterpene alcohols, its aroma quiets the mind and settle the breath, soothing, grounding and strengthening.
  • Rose ( absolute or otto ) Rosa damacena: Rose has an affinity for the heart. It soothes anger and heals the heart.
  • Peppermint Mentha x piperit: High in Menthol, it works for headaches and is stimulating for both mental and physical fatigue. Energetically, it supports self confidence and clears energy.
  • Ylang ylang Cananga odorata var.genuina: Ylang ylang promotes feelings of euphoria and its scent is well known for its uplifting effects to counter low mood.

Suggested Blends

In one ounce carrier oil such as Almond or Olive oil:

  • For anxiety: 20 drops of Geranium, 15 drops Marjoram and 5 drops of Sandalwood.
  • For depression: 15 drops of Peppermint, 6-8 drops of Sandalwood & 5 drops of Ylang ylang.
  • For repressed emotions: 15 drops of Rose, 6-8 drops of Sandalwood & 10 drops of Peppermint.

The number of drops of each oil can be adjusted based on your personal aroma preference. Total drops of essential oils are no more than 40 drops in one ounce of carrier oil. 

They can be stored in a 30ml/1 ounce glass bottle with a dropper for easy dispensing.

How to Use the Blend

 Shake well before use and massage the oil in over the Buddha’s Triangle. Inhale the aroma and take a deep breath.


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