Natural Amber in Perfumery

France's Natural Beauty Secrets

Did you know that Amber is an extremely rare natural substance produced by wales.

It is found by the luckiest on beaches and are used in perfumery and spiritual events for millenniums.


Just to make you feel comfortable…the use of amber does not promote animal cruelty, since the substance is  produced and naturally rejected by wales during some healing digestion process. If amber is collected directly from wales after fishing, it has a strong and really unpleasant scent (no need to describe it better 🙂 )

Grey amber can be found on New-Zealand, East India, Africa,Madagascar,  Brazil and Norway’s beaches after floating for a while on the sea.

An example of large quantity of grey amber found  was “the Bark Splendid of Dunedin”, found in New Zealand in 1883, its weight was 983 pounds and it was priced at $25,000!

Why is Amber so Expensive

The substance is extremely pricy…

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