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Natural Healing Emollient

In my previous post, I wrote about 4 powerful Chamomile essential oils. You can read it here. In this post, I combined those 4 oils with amazing Helicrysum Italicum to create a powerful, healing emollient for nosebleed, itchy nose from dry air, allergies or colds, eczema, minor skin irritations, rashes, insect bites, scar tissues, diaper rashes, minor cuts and burns, muscle aches and pains. Yes, it is that useful!  It is gentle enough for babies and to be applied on any part of the body. Instead of using Vaseline, use this instead.

  • IMG_9660 Avocado oil 4 oz   
  • Beeswax 3/4 oz
  • Tamanu oil 1/2 tablespoon
  • Jojoba oil 1/2 tablespoon
  • Coco butter 1/8 oz (.125 oz)
  • Shea butter 1/8 oz (.125 oz)
  • Chamomile German 15 drops
  • Chamomile Roman   15 drops
  • Chamomile Cape   10 drops
  • Blue Tansy 5 drops
  • Helicrysum italicum  5 drops

Combine oils and butters EXCEPT Shea butter and essential oils in a glass Pyrex in a gently boiling pot. Once all is melted, remove from the pot, add Shea butter. Stir until all ingredients are mixed thoroughly. IMG_9663 Next, add the precious essential oils. Stir. Pour into small lip balm jars or any small containers you’d like.  Put them in the fridge right away to ensure that smooth, creamy texture. Shea butter has different melting points due to its various constituents.

IMG_9670 The result is a forest green healing emollient with Vaseline consistency for easy application. The aroma is light and refreshing with a bit of sweet and fruity hint. IMG_9677


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