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Eucalyptus {Eucalyptus globulus} to Breathe Easy

Extensive information about Eucalyptus. The applications the author mentioned in the post are excellent!
In Aromatherapy, the are 5 different types (chemotypes) of Eucalyptus essential oils.
Eucalyptus globulus – high in oxide 1,8 cineole with sharp, camphoraceous aroma. Great for respiratory issues and muscular pain.
Eucalyptus radiata – a softer version of globulus. Suitable for children and older folks.
Eucalyptus citriodora – high in citronella ( aldehyde). Anti-septic, anti-inflammatory. Excellent bug repellents.
Eucalyptus smithii – similar to Eucalyptus globulus with a gentle aroma.
Eucalyptus dive – similar to Eucalyptus radiata with a lovely aroma. Suitable for kids.
Enjoy the post!


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