Neroli Essential Oil Review and Benefits for Cosmetic, Wellbeing and Perfumery

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neroli label

Botanical Name:

Citrus Aurantium Amar

Origin and History:

The Princess of Neroli gave her name to the bitter orange flower essential oil in the 17th century. Her husband was perfuming his gloves with neroli essential oil.

neroli princesse

Neroli finds its origin in South East of Asia, traveled to India, Birmania, China and Arabia. It arrived in mediteranean region at the end of the 12th century, and especially in Sevilla, South of Spain, where bitter orange trees were cultivated.

It is produced wherever citrus aurantium are cultivated: Morocco, France, Tunisia, Egypt, Libia Paraguay, Florida-USA…

 Plant Material:

Only the flowers are used to produce neroli essential oil. It is still selected by hand. We need to distil 1 ton of flower to get 1 kg of neroli essential oil, which is explaining the price of this essential oil.


Neroli essential oil is processed by water steam distillation.

Organoleptic Properties:



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