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What are blank inhalers a.k.a. Aromatherapy inhalers?

Puressential Aromatherapy

What are blank inhalers, also called Aromatherapy inhalers? They are nifty portable gadgets to carry precious essential oils around whenever you need them!


Here is a picture of a blank inhaler. You can purchase them here. It consists of 4 parts: the outer shell, inner shell, cap and cotton wick. The inner shell houses the cotton wick and has 2 holes for the volatile essential oils to come out and into your olfactory organ.

The cotton wick is made of highly absorbent cotton which in turn will soak up the essential oil blend you create!

As a certified Aromatherapist, I can’t help but writing one of my favorite inhaler recipes here. The blend is excellent for staying awake and focused. School is almost out and exciting, fun summer trips are here! However, those long hours in the car can be boring and make you drowsy. This essential oil blend will let you…

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