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Yin and Yang of the Water

ocean & bird

Somehow, this picture makes me feel so small, inadequate and apprehensive. Maybe it is the tiny sandpiper bird at the front… Or maybe it is the vast ocean…

Ocean always intimidates me and every time I step into the water, I can’t shake off the anxiety that I may be drowned at any moment. I believe that it is largely due to the fact that  I didn’t know how to swim until 2 years ago.

I have never had good and relaxed relationship with water. I don’t have phobia. I can put my head in the water without any problem. The anxiety resulted from the awareness that I didn’t know how to swim and therefore very likely got drowned.

Now, I know how to swim, though the anxiety stays with me in my sub consciousness ready to surface anytime it finds convenient.

And water can and does take lives. Hurricanes, or called Typhoons in Asia have taken thousands of lives and will take more.

And that’s the Yin part of Water.

What’s Yin and Yang? Yin means negative, dark, moon and feminine. Yang is just the opposite of everything Yin.

Yin-Yang theory, originated in China, is a philosophical thought. It holds that every living thing embodies both negative and positive qualities. It is a holistic approach to lives. Nothing is absolute.

The Yang part of the water is water is the life itself. Without water, humans won’t be standing on this Earth. Water cleanses, purifies and enlightens us. Ever watch waterfall and get this soaring feeling that you are rising above the ground, like the mists from the waterfall. Maybe it is just me daydreaming -:).

water fall

In China, there is a saying that knife can not cut through water. Water is pliable, is resilient and can never be broken. It will always be whole.

And maybe that’s what we should aspire to be.


3 thoughts on “Yin and Yang of the Water”

  1. How about thinking about your Yin and Yang like this. Your waterfall is your Yang, It is one of millions of Yang waterfalls in the world. Add up all those Yangs (positives) and they become a powerful positive energy. That leaves you with the Yin that comes from those thousands of positive energy that just represents several Yins (oceans) on the planet. The Yin ocean(negative) looks bigger just because it is all together in front of you and really all it is, is a total of all the Yangs (waterfalls) in the world. You can conclude that without the Yang waterfall there is no Yin ocean. That ocean isn’t so scary or powerful over you now is it?

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