DIY Aromatherapy recipes

Who am I and Why I am here

This is my first assignment from blogging 101.

I am a NAHA certified Aromatherapist and I am proud of this title. For the past few years, I have immersed myself in those aromatic oils and have dedicated myself and thousands of hours to learn about these powerful oils and the wonders they do for the human bodies and animals’ as well.

There are lots of misguided and down right wrong information about essential oils. I have this desire to educate people about the safety of the essential oils and the therapeutic value they possess if used correctly. I want to provide recipes and knowledge about essential oils so that everyone can make blends of essential oils themselves based on their needs.

I am a hand-on person and love creating various lotions and potions for aches and pains and various health concerns. Instead of reaching for over-the-counter medicines, I want people to know that there are more holistic approach to address them. Essential oils do not only address those concerns effectively, they also work in harmony with our bodies and stimulate our immune response. And over the time, your body will become stronger and healthier and be able to fight off illnesses and diseases easily as well as those daily aches and pains.

I want the public to be aware of the products I make and sell on ETSY and the blogs provide me the tools to detail the processes I go through in making those products. Through blogs, I hope to communicate and connect with my audience and potential buyers and love to have their opinions and inputs.


4 thoughts on “Who am I and Why I am here”

  1. I grew up on the use of aromatherapy as my Mum was very knowledgeable about it. Most of our medicines as children were aromatherapy based. We had a cough syrup made with honey and niauli oil and I remember my Mum would give us sugar cubes with peppermint oil against car sickness, I wasn’t car sick myself but I liked the taste. I look forward to learning more about aromatherapy via your blog. 🙂


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