essential oils

Essential Oils for allergies, colds and flu

Inhaling essential oils through aromatherapy inhalers a.k.a. aromasticks is one of the most effective ways to get the therapeutic properties of the oils into your body, and thus reap the benefits immediately. IMG_5619

I carry blank inhalers in my etsy shop if you’d like to make special essential oils blends for you and your family!

Common discomforts such as nasal congestion, headaches, sneezing and running nose caused by allergies, colds and flu can be quickly alleviated by inhaling the essential oils.

I have severe seasonal allergy. It is so severe that I won’t go outside in the Spring time 😦

The following blend I created helps me tremendously in keeping itchy nose, nasal congestion and headaches  under control and makes life in Spring time more tolerable!

This blend will also work for the symptoms caused by colds, flu or any allergies caused by environmental factors.

Here is the recipe. You can also purchase the made-to-order blends from my etsy shop as well. Each inhaler has about 15-20 drops of essential oils and will last about 3-4 months.

IMG_60642 drops Eucalyptus ct. radiata

2 drops Siberian fir

2 drops Juniper berry

2 drops Ravintsara

2 drop Thyme ct.linalol

2 drops Laurel leaf (Bay laurel)

3 drops Opopanax

Blend the above oils in a shallow glass bowl, then dip the cotton wick thoroughly into the mixture, absorbing all the oils. Assemble the inhaler.




Breathe deeply into one nostril while closing the other. Then switch to the other nostril and ENJOY the therapeutic aromas!

Not suitable for children under 10, pregnant women or if you are epileptic.













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