“The physician treats, but nature heals.”  

Hello! And welcome to my blog.

My name is Yumei Silva and I am a clinical aromatherapist and trained herbalistmy headshot and have been in practice for more than 15 years. In my practice, I utilize both essential oils and herbs. They are nature’s gifts to mankind.

My interest in essential oils and herbs started with personal desire to treat my family safely and naturally. I used to take my children to see their pediatricians every time they got sick. And every time they were given either over the counter medication or prescription medicines, mostly antibiotics. And most of the time, the medications offered little relief and I got frustrated and knew that there had to be a better way. Growing up in China with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicines), it is just natural that I turned to herbs, mostly Western herbs since they are more available than Chinese herbs. And then came essential oils and hydrosols.

After I became more and more knowledgeable and confidence, I started seeing clients, helping them with various issues with great success.

To discover how you can use natural allies, such as herbs, hydrosols and essential oils for total wellness inside out, join my Facebook , follow me on Instagram or join my mailing list to receive tips, inspirations and DIY recipes AND to get a free PDF download: Essential Oils & Carrier Oils for Natural Skin Care.

A personal struggle with eczema and rosacea a few years ago shifted my focus to skin care. While doing research, I realized that so many people suffer from various skin issues and going to see dermatologists only results in temporary relief and even worse, some people suffer from steroid withdrawal syndrome. Skin issues can have some serious psychological and mental damages. And the frustration that nothing helps in the long run. And let’s not forget about the flare-ups!

Healing and curing my own eczema and rosacea while helping clients with the same issues convinced me that herbs, hydrosols and essential oils together with the drug store products without the steroid are the way to manage and even cure the skin problems.

To help people with eczema, I published a book on Amazon: Natural Eczema Skin Care

To discover how you can use natural allies, such as herbs, hydrosols and essential oils for total wellness inside out, join my Facebook , follow me on Instagram or join my mailing list to receive tips, inspirations and DIY recipes AND to get a free PDF download: Essential Oils & Carrier Oils for Natural Skin Care.


Forever a student of Nature:

An Aromatherapy practitioner,

  • NAHA certified Professional Aromatherapist.
  • Graduate of Aromahead Institute – Andrea Butje
  • Graduate of Robert Tisserand’s Institute – The Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils and The Complete Skin Series -.
  • Certified Aromatic Medicine practitioner – Jade Shute and Cathy Skipper’s Aromatic Medicine course ( how to use essential oils internally).
  • Certified Aromatherapy Teacher Level 1 – Aromatic Studies and New York Institute of Aromatherapy.

An Herbal practitioner,

  • Grew up with TCM in China, and has been studying TCM and Western Herbalism.
  • Student of Michael Tiera’s East West School of Planetary Herbology – 2 years program – Professional Herbalist
  • Studied with Matthew Wood and Sean Donahue: Holistic Herbal Evaluation:  Body, Soul and Spirit
  • Self study –

          Michael Moore – Herbal Therapeutics and Constitutional Evaluation

                                       – Materia Medica

         Medical Herbalism – David Hoffmann

         The Earthwise Herbal Repertory – Matthew Wood

         The Earthwise Herbal Volume II – Matthew Wood

        The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism – Matthew Wood

         The modern Herbal Dispensatory – Thomas Easley & Steven Horne

         New Menopausal Years – Susun S. Weed


This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. This information is for educational purposes only and may not be complete, nor may its data be accurate.

NAHA-NCA-Level2F (2)


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Because my daughter had a bad infection on her right elbow, her pediatrician prescribed an antibiotics for 10 days. It was an antibiotics she’s never used before. After a few days into the antibiotics, she was complaining about very severe pain in her vaginal area, in the middle of the night. The next morning I took her to the pediatrician and they told us she was experiencing a pretty serious yeast infection, because the antibiotics she was using had caused PH imbalance in her body. But because she was already on an antibiotics, they could not prescribe her anything other than a cream to put on her vaginal area. However the cream did not help to relieve any pain (actually when I did apply it on her she complained it hurt even more) and none of the over the counter pain medication seemed to work either. In addition to the pain, she also had little red dots all over her body, that looks like a rash and doctor told us it was the yeast that spreads in her body. Because we had to continue to take the antibiotics (we had 2-3 days left) the yeast would just continue to spread. The red dots on her face made her very itchy and she kept wanting to scratch it and it was really hard to get her to stop. I went to Yumei for help. She made 2 things for me. One was a healing salve for me to put this on her face and body where the rash was. It helped to relieve the itchness immediately. And since it used natural and herbal ingredients with no side effects, we could apply it on my daughter as needed. My daughter even applied it on her self whenever she felt she needed it, it was safe so I didn’t have to worry about her overapplying i. Yumei also made us a suppository that could combat the yeast overgrowth, calm the inflammation, and fight the infection. It was easy to use and quick to apply and really seemed to help as well. After just a couple of days she was painfree and was happy again. We continued to use both for a few more days just to completely rid of the yeast. I believe her pain and suffering would have lasted a lot longer if weren’t for Yumei’s cream and suppository. Thanks so much –  Jaye

“Yumei is a wonderful practitioner! She is such a helpful and empathetic soul! Yumei helped me refocus my current
holistic practice on my core issues instead of merely “putting on a band-aid” to address my daily symptoms. Yumei listened to my specific needs and asked questions exploring history and environment to tailor-make my treatment (as well as my little one with sleep issues!) Thank you Yumei! I am so very happy I met you on this journey! –  Loren

My experience with Yumei has been amazing! I also tell people I’m loyal to results not just a person so i wouldn’t say that if certain expectations hadn’ t been met. Yumei is not only personable and professional she also has a true passion for what she creates. She’s confident without being arrogant! She’s  never tried to force anything on me or make me feel like she is trying to sell me a quick fix! Her tinctures are very potent and have worked for me and others I have purchased them for. I unfortunately have a lot of experience with illness and various treatments! So I feel I’m able to measure her products with others I’ve tried and what Yumei makes always exceed my expectations. Actually you can smell the potency of the product with one sniff lol. So if you are looking for authentic merchandise I would encourage you to give her a shot. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!!!! – Travis

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